Friday, May 07, 2010

She cracks me up...

Chloe is going to a new daycare and I told her that she was going starting Monday. She responded by saying, "Okay Mom but I might be obnoxious".

She has been saying and doing the funniest things lately! Love her.

Friday, April 09, 2010

St George March 2010

Well it's been ages since I have posted. I realized I better get my butt in gear cause this is my only journal I keep of my children's lives.

We have been having too much fun lately and it's so nice now that the kids are a little older and can "listen" sometimes. Outings aren't as torturous and no changing diapers anymore.

Chloe is growing up to fast. period. She has got the biggest personality and is too smart for her own good. She says things all day in hopes of pulling a fast one or manipulating us until we are too tired and just give in. This little one is going to be the death of us when she is a teenager, I can just see it now. She is also the messiest in the house. ALL day she picks up toys, paper, food, silverware and spreads it throughout the house like it is her full time job. The worst part is that she doesn't even play with it once she has dragged it somewhere else. She just leaves it. ALL day. I might go insane trying to get her to clean up after her.
On a happy note, she has a sweet, loving side too. I just love how she tells me she loves me all day long. I also love how she tells me that my hair looks pretty (when it's disgusting and greasy) when she wants something. She is ready for full time school, she just loves to learn. I am also ready for her to have full time school.

Onto our Tate. He just plays soccer, rides his bike, and whines an incredible amount. Who knew boys were so whiney? He is the sweet, soft one though and I just love his craziness. He loves to go on adventures with daddy and go shopping with mommy. We can't wait for him to play soccer and makes all of our wildest soccer dreams come true. He loves his cousins so much and ask to play with them all the time. He is funny though, he doesn't know how to make friends and it's a little painful to watch. When we go out and there are a bunch of kids, he just stands close by and stares at them. A lot. It's weird. but funny. Chloe on the other hand demands kids be her best friend right away.

Duke is now our 3rd child and we are growing more fond of him. He has chewed up most of the kids toys, the entire backyard and jumps on the counter all the time and somehow we still think he is the cutest dog ever. I have a photo shoot planned with him that I will post later. There will be a red bow tie involved.

Anthony is still working away on his Flight school and should be done in 3 months or so. I can't wait. But we may have to move to AZ so that may suck a little. He is playing soccer a lot and planning lots of river trips for this summer.

I am busy working and playing, that's all I do, oh ya and cleaning all the time. Life is good.

Lots of people ask if we are having another baby and the answer is maybe yes, maybe no. We haven't decided so stop wondering. We have to think long and hard cause our 2 we have are a little crazy and keep us extremely busy. We decided to not even make a decision until they are in kindergarden, so there you have it.

HEre are some photos of Snow Canyon at St. George. This was my bday trip. It was fun and warm but we were happy to get home too.

peace out.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mazatlan 2010

Okay so here is a HUGE peek of our vacation. It was SO perfect and surpassed my expectations. Usually I think, well we are taking a huge gamble with taking the kids, you just NEVER know they will act like or if they be nuts at any given time. We have been on many road trips, California, camping... and never really came home and said, "oh wow that vacation rocked!" Well, this one was different, I just assumed the kids were going to be crazy and that we would just have some fun family time without any relaxing.... well my kiddos suprised me like no other. They were so good, so happy, and so fun the whole time. They were even champs at our horrible flight home (it took us 3 days to get home because of bad weather, 2 hour plane flight turned into 9 hours!).
So here are the photos, this is us... don't be jealous of our chiseled abs and supermodel looks... we can't help it.
I think I'm so funny. really.

I am a little embarrassed at how many pictures I am showing, I just couldn't narrow it down, so if you get bored just click that little exit button and get yourself an ice cold drink or something.

future canvas in my house. I forced them to kiss and hold hands in many of the pictures, don't be fooled... they don't like each other that much. but I like it anyway.

Um Tate you are cute. Love the feeling of this one.

we ate ice cream every day... nothing different from home really.

Downtown Mazatlan was a bit shocking but it made me really appreciate what I have and made me feel guilty for what I have as well.

On the boat to Stone Island... we loved it there.

Every day we dug for China.

Oh Chloe, don't grow up.. please?

We went to the aquarium and it was so fun, there we basically no rules there, you could chase the peacocks, hang out with the parrots, kiss the sea lions... it was fun.

The next few Tate and Chloe took of us. I love when kids take control of the camera, expressions are real and funny.

self timer...

no naps the entire vacation=

Me and my bumpkins.

Friends we met there and their kids club teacher

fake smile central. this is SO tate, he usually won't even look at me for pictures or he gives me this:

I love that we were allowed to gallop down the beach on the horses there, it was so much fun.