Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My babies

Here is Tate begging for candy!
Here is my favorites from their two year old pictures... I love them SO much. even thought they make a holy crap mess everyday!!! lol!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Payette River, Idaho

So, we had a fabulous time on the river and camping with our kids wasn't too bad believe it or not. We drove out Friday night and arrived at about 1am... we had some fabulous directions for Karin she told us to look for a grass door, a place named Spanks, and go over a bridge or something like that. It's funny now but after we were looking for a "grass door" for an hour, not so fun and tempers ran high! lol...
The next day we ran the river in the morning while the kids stayed back with Karin, Rachel, and Grandma. It is was SO SO beautiful there. I have never though Idaho was pretty until now. Northern Idaho is gorgeous! There were big beauiful old bridges we passed under on the water and cute cabins tucked away in the mountains, I felt like I was in Alaska. So, we had 15 people on a 8 man raft, we are smart eh? We got some great rapids and the last one was so fun, the whole raft went completely under the wave and we were all drenched. We went back to camp, had lunch and most of the crew went on a different part of the river while a few of us stayed back and let the little ones play in the water. The kids loved it, except I got sunscreen in Chloe's eye and she was angry for about an hour. I took some pictures of them coming down a rapid but they turned around right after they hit the rapid so I didn't get very many.
That night we had a hard time putting the kids down. We thought they were asleep and went and sat by the campfire when about 10 min. later I look over and Chloe is sitting next to me munching on some food she found on the ground. She had jumped out of her porta crib and unzipped the tent and walked her way up to the campfire! Crazy girl, that freaked me out a bit. We left the next morning and thank goodness for treats and Elmo, we made our way back.
It was so fun, we want to go back very soon.

Oh ya, there is a great picture of Annie, she got bitten by a misquito on the eye and it got huge! Somehow she didn't complain much and still looked beautiful...
The picture of Chloe smiling really big is in my bedroom, she wanted me to take a picture of her and she was playing finger puppets with me.