Saturday, December 27, 2008

30x40 baby...

This is going to be a 30x40 in my entry way, come and see it soon! I am so beyond excited!

Favorite purchase of the year

I LOVE these boots, great price, nice leather, so stylish. I definitely have an obsession with shopping lately, okay always, but these take the cake for my best purchase this year, worth every penny. They are from overstock, go figure. I got the black ones, they are $80, with $2 shipping! HERE is the link so you can purchase them and be as happy as me!

The best Christmas

Our very out of focus photo and me with my new red hair!

Making cookies for Santa, Tate did't want to give them up to Santa I think...

We really had the best Christmas ever, so relaxing, no fighting over who's families house we were going to. It as easy this year because both of my parents are in Cali right now, so off to Anthony's house we went. We spent the morning at home opening presents, the kids woke up at 9:45 am! Gotta Love it! Tate obviously loved his huge cars. Chloe got a play kitchen and she is now obsessed with it.

Friday, December 26, 2008

At least I have a few good photos to show for it...

As many of you know Anthony and I went to Paris and London for 10 days last March. It was kind of a bust, but it was definitely fun in it's own way even though we missed our kids SO much!! The hardest thing was how bad our dollar was and I wasn't a big fan of the city, I have learned the long hard was to stay away from tourist crap. I really would love to do it all over again and visit the countryside. Anyways, here are 3 photos I will be hanging in my white matted IKEA frames above Anthony's desk in our bedroom, so excited! I printed them on Metallic paper and I can't wait to see how they turn out.

Monday, December 22, 2008

When did they get so big?

I love capturing them at home, as they are not perfectly dressed or posed. I am so bad at doing this lately. It's a struggle being a mom and supporting and working a lot, it's a balance that I am constantly trying to find. I hope they realize how much I do love them even if I am constantly trying to go go go, but now I get to stop and just stare at them for a few weeks and see how they have grown this fall in my business. I hate feeling like I miss things when I am gone. I love them more than words can say. I never imagined how much life they would bring into my world. love my tate and chloe...
Here they are on my couch in my room.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa time

So we went to Thanksgiving point the other night to see Santa and we actually ran into Michelle, Camille, and Tyler. So it made it more fun to stand in line for an hour with all of them. I stole these photos from Michelle's (thanks Michelle!) blog because I didn't bring my camera, I know I am a photographer I should do stuff like that. Really I hate packing my camera around if I don't have to and my point and shoot's battery charger is missing... excuses I know.

Chloe really liked Santa and I told her to tell him what she wanted for Christmas and she just says presents. Tate didn't know what the heck was going on, he was just more interested in playing with Tyler and being crazy.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas is almost here...

can you believe it, what the heck happened to November, oh ya I was taking pictures.
I am finally in a semi-Christmas mood. I am a bit excited to admit that I am excited about Xmas this year because the kids will get it more. Don't tell Chloe but she is getting a retro play kitchen and Tate is getting what he loves most, cars and balls.
What are you getting me? Jk, I don't want anything this year, I already buy way to much of everything anyways, just a nice week off with my fam will be nice, okay maybe in Mexico or Hawaii with a maid and butler...

Merry Christmas

Here is a photo of Tate decorating the Christmas tree,,, naked...

Tate, it's been too long!

I love these pictures of Tate. He is growing so fast, he now has peed on the potty 4 times! He counts to 15, he is obsessed with soccer, cars, and rocks. love him..

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fall Leaves '08

Went up the canyon last Sunday to enjoy the leaves, the kids loved it for about 10 minutes and then we had to get some food asap! I need to enjoy the canyon more now that I live 5 min away!

Feeling the love

Just having one of those days when I really realize how good life is and how thankful I am to have my family. Tate and Chloe add SO much to our lives. They seriously make us laugh every day and we talk about them all the time. Tonight we really just played together and snuggled on the couch. love my family,, every little piece, good and bad.

***thanks Aunt Diane for snapping a few photos for us, I will always treasure these.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Heli Pics

Many of you have heard, Anthony has started training to become a helicopter pilot. We have been teaching Tate and Chloe to say helicopter for a while now (now Tate freaks out whenever he sees one). Here are some pictures of a recent flight. Can you tell where he is at?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My babies

Here is Tate begging for candy!
Here is my favorites from their two year old pictures... I love them SO much. even thought they make a holy crap mess everyday!!! lol!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Payette River, Idaho

So, we had a fabulous time on the river and camping with our kids wasn't too bad believe it or not. We drove out Friday night and arrived at about 1am... we had some fabulous directions for Karin she told us to look for a grass door, a place named Spanks, and go over a bridge or something like that. It's funny now but after we were looking for a "grass door" for an hour, not so fun and tempers ran high! lol...
The next day we ran the river in the morning while the kids stayed back with Karin, Rachel, and Grandma. It is was SO SO beautiful there. I have never though Idaho was pretty until now. Northern Idaho is gorgeous! There were big beauiful old bridges we passed under on the water and cute cabins tucked away in the mountains, I felt like I was in Alaska. So, we had 15 people on a 8 man raft, we are smart eh? We got some great rapids and the last one was so fun, the whole raft went completely under the wave and we were all drenched. We went back to camp, had lunch and most of the crew went on a different part of the river while a few of us stayed back and let the little ones play in the water. The kids loved it, except I got sunscreen in Chloe's eye and she was angry for about an hour. I took some pictures of them coming down a rapid but they turned around right after they hit the rapid so I didn't get very many.
That night we had a hard time putting the kids down. We thought they were asleep and went and sat by the campfire when about 10 min. later I look over and Chloe is sitting next to me munching on some food she found on the ground. She had jumped out of her porta crib and unzipped the tent and walked her way up to the campfire! Crazy girl, that freaked me out a bit. We left the next morning and thank goodness for treats and Elmo, we made our way back.
It was so fun, we want to go back very soon.

Oh ya, there is a great picture of Annie, she got bitten by a misquito on the eye and it got huge! Somehow she didn't complain much and still looked beautiful...
The picture of Chloe smiling really big is in my bedroom, she wanted me to take a picture of her and she was playing finger puppets with me.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ventura, Ca.

Image overload!
We had lots of fun at the Chatterley family reunion. The camp spot was fab, thanks Felice! Tate just loves Logan and Connor and followed them everywhere. The beach was cold and the kids hated the water, you can see that Tate was crying and running away from it like a shark was after him. Chloe of course combed the beach for leftover goodies that people may have left. She also made some random friends (in the picture) and she was actually nice to them. She is so independent. I think if I let her just go on her own she may survive with her hunting skills and cuteness.
Oh ya, we bought DVD players for the car ride, worth every penny. Thank you Elmo for being so cute, our kids love you!
Not much else to say, we had a great time and now we are off to another trip this weekend. We are going white water rafting and camping in Idaho.