Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas was great. We spoiled the kids too much and I still feel guilty. I really just like spending money on shiny new things, I even like shopping for salt, trash bags, anything. sad i know.
Chloe woke up first and walked into the front room and said, "Mom, Santa brought me a doll house!!"., " I always wanted one!!". Then we went in a woke up Tate, I said, "It's time for presents!!". He perked right up. All he wanted was a dinosaur and I guess Santa wasn't listening right. Santa got him a dragon, sorry Tate they look so similar. Lame Santa.
Anthony got me dragonfly diamond earrings which was really sweet. I love surprises.
I got anthony a snowboarding get up (jacket and pants) and a remote control helicopter.

Then we went to my mom's house, a bit of drama and uncomfortableness but what is a family party without a bit of drama to be served as dessert? We went sledding and that was really fun, there were tons of kids being plowed over at the bottom of the hill. I tried not to laugh but it was a little funny.... and dangerous.

Okay now I am just so focused on being completely lazy for 2 weeks and then shooting a wedding and then going to Mazatlan for 10 days!!! We are taking the kids, we hope it is worth it or they won't be coming next time! I love them so so much but man they are so exhausting sometimes. I miss the days when they would take naps. I was a little more sane then.

Hope you all have a happy New year!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The newest addition to our family. 7 month old Duke. He is SO good and so cute. can't handle it.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Christmas is magical all over again.

Click on image to see it larger.

Having 3yr olds and Christmas is simply perfect, they are so excited, love Santa, eat lots of sugar and run wild like elves high on syrup. We made cupcakes tonight, don't be jealous of my betty crockerness... it's from a box and they were gross but they looked pretty!
We have started a new tradition, we have a cute Merry Christmas box and it has 24 things written down on little peices of paper, we pick one everyday and we HAVE to do it. It is has been so much fun. It really has taught me to take a minute, breathe and enjoy my fabulous crazy kids at this great stage of 3.
Dear Tate,
I know we don't see eye to eye right now, but we are ALL hoping you grow out of this crazy "NO"! stage and never sleeping. Regardless of it all we still think are you the funniest, most energetic child and I especially love when you "shake your booty".
Dear Chloe,
This is my favorite stage for you so far, you are kind, loving, imaginative, sweet and just hilarious. I love hearing you talk to yourself and make up stories. I do think you need to love your brother more, this throwing him around like a rag doll may cramp his style.
Dear Anthony,
No more napping while you are "watching the kids".

good night,
Love Mama.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloweeny.

Right? Isn't that has it goes? My kids kept changing their minds on what they wanted to be,
Chloe: "Princess, no a mean doggie, no a kitty".
Tate: "Dragon, no a nice dog, no a dinosaur".

It is the only time I want to dress them as twins, but they both wanted to wear something different so I was like whatever, pick what you want. Funny, we went to Target and they both picked Superman & Supergirl. Silly kids. Love them. Even when I was trying to take their pictures outside with my new lens and they were yelling at me and crying. I think it was too cold. oh well.

Check out Tate's Muscles... those aren't fake people.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

potty freaking trained!!

Yes both of my 3 year old crazy heads are potty trained. I could scream it from a mountain top, thought this day would never come. love them.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday Night at the fair

The fair was a bit crazy, but pictures always make it look more fun... seriously. I took Shelley's family photos there and I only shot for about 10 minutes because it was crazy windy and the kids just wanted to play of course. I think we got a few keepers!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

tate, i love you

how can you resist? I can't. I love the color, but liked the black and white as well. I was telling him a story about a dinosaur, I need to do that more often so I don't get his crazy face in photos.

Monday, August 10, 2009

my little poser

look at this chicka! I love her to pieces!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

we are back

yes we survived vacation for 12 days with two 3 year olds. They were pretty naughty but they had a great time. I will post a million photos later, but I had to post one of my little hippie today. She is so seriously cute. She is in hear next to me with her stuffed animal dogs in a butterfly catcher net saying, "Yes mom, I am try to hurt them", with the cutest innocent look on her face.

Monday, July 20, 2009

CHLOE AND TATE are 3 years old!

Yep they are 3! I cannot believe it! I love these bumpkins. I will post more words later when I have time, but their 3rd bday was a lot of work and a lot of fun. They kids loved it.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

A new tradition...

Moab, 3 years running, now a tradition. We went camping this weekend and rafted down the Moab Daily. Fun fun. The kids didn't love the rafting cause they got drenched... but they loved the dirt and eating a lot of junk food. Chloe was just so excited to play with her bestest friend ever, Emma. Tate just rode a bike that Nikki brought and played in the dirt. I had horrible allergies the first night and my eye was swolen, so that was good fun. Tate had some breathing problems so Anthony drove down to the hospital and slept in the car in the parking lot until it cleared up so he knew he wouldn't have to take him to the ER. It was fun, but man camping is so much work! Not to complain, I am just complaining... It was worth it though, really. I am not just saying that. It is just fun to see the kids have fun together and go crazy.

rafting away. We got our new raft and this was the first time using it. Daryl found us a killer campsite that we could put in from.. sweet, much better than last years site.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random Iphone Pics

Looking up at Highland.

Final 18.

Look hard and you can see our house.

Tyler and Tate breaking in the new raft.

Great family shot, I should get paid for those.

Real's opener.

Coco and Daddy on the zoo train.

Tater on a pony.

Coco on a pony.


San Rafael Swell

Tater didn't like the cliffs too much.

Guess what he's gonna be when he grows up?

Guess who's got a camera in their eye?

Hawaii... nice coconuts.