Friday, September 15, 2006

Tate storyboard

I love my hoodie..

Chloe Beth

Hi, I am Chloe...

Tater Tot

My twins

Since I love taking pictures of my babies, I thought I would make a blogspot for everyone to see. They are 8 weeks now and growing like weeds. They are so long now! Chloe is more serious than Tate, but she is starting to smile. She sleeps pretty good and eats just great. I love dressing her up in her girly stuff, she is just so fun. Tate is really hungry all the time! He is so fun, he smiles a lot and seems to have lots of energy. Anthony and I look forward to just loving on them in the mornings before he goes to work. He is such a great dad. Our lives seem to have so much more purpose now.