Sunday, March 23, 2008

My man Tate

This is Tate today at Grandma's house. Easter dinner was fabulous. It was great that my Bday fell on Easter, I didn't have to cook or clean today! I just got to spend some time with family. I loved the weather today too! It was so beautiful. I just had to take advantage of the beautiful light and capture Tate exploring their huge backyard. He had a field day with Dirk the family dog and wouldn't leave him alone. Tate was especially sweet today. I cannot believe how many pictures I got of him today looking at me! Anyone who knows Tate just loves him from the first second, he is so loving and fun.

Anyways, Happy Easter everyone! and Happy Spring, finally!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chloe's new "pretty"

This is Chloe's new "pretty" we got off of Etsy. I love it! She doesn't leave clips in her hair very well, but she liked this one because I kept telling her she was pretty. Then all day she kept pointing at it and saying "pretty". She is so pretty. I love my little Chloe. She has been so happy and just adorable lately. I love how everyday she has a new word. She said pretty today and apple yesterday. Tomorrow I am hoping for the word excellent or something.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New found love...

My kids are now obsessed with getting up on the counter and now they have found the sink. So, I just let them play in the sink today and they were so happy. Since we don't take them out much anything different is exciting to them. Then there is this picture of chloe, she is "blowing" me a kiss. How stinkin cute is that! Tate is sick today and it has been a really LONG day. I totally don't feel like being productive at all. I can't wait for warm weather! I am going to go on a walk everyday! Okay, at least once a month... I am shootin' high here.


Girls Retreat!

These pictures are so funny. I was planning on bringing my SLR camera but decided I didn't want to have the hassle of worrying about it on this trip, so I brought my point and shoot. I seriously was laughing so hard at these pictures of my sisters and I jumping. I especially love the one of my 2 sisters and my mom. Go Mom!
We had a good time, but it wasn't long enough. We planned on seeing the movie Juno but there was too much snow in the pass between Midway and Park City. We got to hot tub, play ping pong, go SHOPPING, and eat a lot. I love my sisters and my mom. The only reason I want more kids is so that Tate and Chloe have more siblings to play with. Not so sure I can handle 6 kids though! I don't know how my mom did it! After gaining a few pounds and spending way too much money I have to say that I am looking forward to our next adventure! I am thinking Hawaii next time... What do you think?

Love you girls!