Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ventura, Ca.

Image overload!
We had lots of fun at the Chatterley family reunion. The camp spot was fab, thanks Felice! Tate just loves Logan and Connor and followed them everywhere. The beach was cold and the kids hated the water, you can see that Tate was crying and running away from it like a shark was after him. Chloe of course combed the beach for leftover goodies that people may have left. She also made some random friends (in the picture) and she was actually nice to them. She is so independent. I think if I let her just go on her own she may survive with her hunting skills and cuteness.
Oh ya, we bought DVD players for the car ride, worth every penny. Thank you Elmo for being so cute, our kids love you!
Not much else to say, we had a great time and now we are off to another trip this weekend. We are going white water rafting and camping in Idaho.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tate's obsessed with...

bikes, bikes, helicopters, water or anything he can pour on the floor, dogs, bikes, and bikes.
He is actually sitting right next to me whining for water. Make the whining stop! Good thing we love him so much!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Bath pics

I always love bath pics. Here are some recent ones of them, almost 2 years old!
They love to take the cup and pour out the water onto the floor and then go to time out and then watch mommy clean it up, it's a fun little time in our home:) I like to do the 2 minute baths, wash 'em up and get 'em out...

Busy Busy

Well life has been busy in our household lately... We have been playing with the kids a lot outside and they have been worn out lately, not getting good naps and eating too much sugar! My photography business is doing well and I am staying busy while Anthony will be starting Helicopter flight school in a couple of weeks. Back to the classroom for Anthony! The kids are driving me nuts with how messy they are, no seriously they are way messy! We just went to Lagoon yesterday and today we went on a hike (pictures below). Tate is an amazing hiker, he can totally keep up with us, Chloe on the other hand will walk about 5 feet and beg to be carried. After playing soccer yesterday and going to Lagoon I was way too tired to carry her. We are loving summer time and just realizing that we are now starting to do the things we used to do before we had kids. We used to go hiking all the time. It just really helps me ground myself and appreciate the beauty all around me instead of focusing on the messes my kids make in the kitchen or everyday life. Well, that's all for now, I need some R&R and then it's back to work tomorrow!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Welcome Bella

Just a quick post to welcome Bella Grace to Nikki's family. She is so adorable. I love holding and loving on babies, they are so pure and beautiful. Bella is just so sweet.