Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fall Leaves '08

Went up the canyon last Sunday to enjoy the leaves, the kids loved it for about 10 minutes and then we had to get some food asap! I need to enjoy the canyon more now that I live 5 min away!


Stacey said...

Yeah, I was bummed that I didn't make it up to at least one of the millions of canyons around me this fall. I think I take it for granted.... I love fall though, it's my fave!

glen.sarah said...

It is so great living close to the canyon! Such a great get-a-way for family...drive up for a bit...cruise back down for a bite..all taking about 45 min or less round trip! Great pics...you should be a photographer;)

Carrith said...

Beautiful! Sorry I never leave comments, but I look at your photo blog at least once a week and marvel over your pictures. I think I want to be you when I grow up.
Oh, and my hubby wants to go to helicopter school too, so I guess we are the wanna-be angie and anthony couple.