Sunday, November 04, 2007


so today was a crazy long day. After dropping off Alicia and Savannah we went to grandma's house to play in the yard with the cousins.
We played soccer with all the kids while Chloe and Tate sat on the neighbors lawn eating rocks and dirt. It was lots of fun and Grandma aint too shabby at soccer, even though Logan kept calling her "old lady". Our team won of course, but who is keeping score. Then Shelley and I preceeded to kartwheels and handstands while Tate is off trying to get to the dogs accross the street. Tate love dogs! He barks like a dog all the time and puts his whole body into it, it's pretty funny.
After that we planned Christmas. This year we are going to stay the night at Nikki's new house in Farr West and go sledding. I think it will be lots of fun, crazy, but lots of good memories I hope. After that we went to Sherrie, my cousin, housewarming party in West Valley. This really motivated me to decorate more, her house was so cute and it has only been a few months, she shops more than me I think and that is hard to do. I shop a lot online now because shopping with kids is no fun.
So, at the party Chloe kept going up the stairs and when she knew we were all watching would pop her head around and make the funniest screm and then start laughing. She is so dang cute! Tate was running really fast in place, what a crazy man. We were all so tired so off to home we went. Anthony got home right when we did. He went to Ohio to bring back a car we bought. It is a Natural Gas vehichle. Gas will only be .63 cents a gallon! No more crying at the gas tank...

More later..


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Becca Jo said...

hey Angie, I love these stories! your kids sound so freaking cute. We should go to the zoo. I can get you in for free and your kids would be free too.