Saturday, November 03, 2007

Update.... finally!

I haven't posted anything on this blog for a while, but I do want to update on Tate and Chloe. They are 15 months now and are crazy as ever. They don't seem to like eachother that much right now, hoping that will change. Tate is pretty easy going and happy and Chloe beats up on him a lot. Everyone just loves him and how happy he is just to be alive. He calls me Angie, it is so funny. When he wakes up in the morning he screams "Angie! Angie! Angie!" and then when I go and get him he says to me with sweet little eyes, "ba ba". Man he melts my heart. He still wakes up every night, he has never been a good sleeper. He especially loves to eat dirt and play with any sort of ball. He is talking a lot too!
My little Diva Chloe knows what she wants and will go to any lengths to get it. She bosses Tate and it is getting to the point where I have to discipline her, man I never thought it would start this young! She is very prissy and cute as well. She walks around the house with the blanket I made her around her hear, she looks like a ghost with it on. She is so funny! She loves soft things and will press things to her face and smile when they are cuddly. She loves putting rocks in her mouth and eating dirt as well. She eats like a horse, always up for eating. When she hears a wrapper she bolts to the source and begs for food. She just learned how to get up on the playset at the playground and go down the slide all by herself, I am so proud! Chloe doens't talk much but she does know a few words in sign, like more and eat.

My goal is to update this blog a few times a week and write the funny/cute things they do. This is the best way to journal for me.

Can't post without a pic, so here it is. I just printed this as a 20x20 on 3/4th's inch standout mount and it is beautiful. Hanging in my office to give me inspiration!

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SherBear said...

It's about time you updated your blog! We've all been waiting in anticipation! ;)
Love those babies!!!