Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What have we been up to?

*all photos taken with my point and shoot, just remember that! (it is hard to go back when you have a great camera, but man a point and shoot is really convienient)

finally, there is proof, she has horns.

on a semi warm day, they lasted about 10 min outside. They takes turns pushing eachother around.

Here we are jumping on the bed waiting for Nikki to come and get her kids.

Parker and his messy chocolate face was giving all the babies a ride in the chair. Funny story about the chocolate face. Parker spent the night and noticed that we had some Rocky Road ice cream. So, at around 4am he got up and helped himself to the whole carton and let the rest melt all over the kitchen while Logan was asleep about 5 ft. away. Then he preceded to wipe his chocolately hands all over the walls and doornobs. I woke up around 5:30 to him playing with Anthony's tools in the laundry room. All I have to say is paybacks are fun.

Anthony's horrible new chops, I was so embarassed when we went out for Valentines day and he was looking like Wolverine...

emma lets tate kiss her so he really takes advantage

grandpa and tate, he was so tired and just snuggled right up to him

hangin at home

I absolutely treasure this picture, this is just how it is. Tate adores chloe and tries to kiss and love her, she won't have it.

wow they are both looking at me and smiling, amazing

we all try to be unhappy together


SherBear said...

Wow, cute kids!! But the Rocky Road story sure doesn't make me want to have kids!!!

David said...

love your pics! did you cut your hair? I love it!!
Hope we get together soon!

Russ and Nat said...

wow, those Monson boys really can grow some mean facial hair! Looks like you have been having fun with your cute kids!


That was really fun look into your life. I enjoyed that!!! I can tell you're a happy mommy. =)