Thursday, December 03, 2009

Christmas is magical all over again.

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Having 3yr olds and Christmas is simply perfect, they are so excited, love Santa, eat lots of sugar and run wild like elves high on syrup. We made cupcakes tonight, don't be jealous of my betty crockerness... it's from a box and they were gross but they looked pretty!
We have started a new tradition, we have a cute Merry Christmas box and it has 24 things written down on little peices of paper, we pick one everyday and we HAVE to do it. It is has been so much fun. It really has taught me to take a minute, breathe and enjoy my fabulous crazy kids at this great stage of 3.
Dear Tate,
I know we don't see eye to eye right now, but we are ALL hoping you grow out of this crazy "NO"! stage and never sleeping. Regardless of it all we still think are you the funniest, most energetic child and I especially love when you "shake your booty".
Dear Chloe,
This is my favorite stage for you so far, you are kind, loving, imaginative, sweet and just hilarious. I love hearing you talk to yourself and make up stories. I do think you need to love your brother more, this throwing him around like a rag doll may cramp his style.
Dear Anthony,
No more napping while you are "watching the kids".

good night,
Love Mama.

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Kari Davis said...

ok... love the Anthony part... remind us never to leave the kids when dad's are sleepy! In Richmond my neighbors would just watch the kids until I came home and hunted the neighborhood for them....