Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas was great. We spoiled the kids too much and I still feel guilty. I really just like spending money on shiny new things, I even like shopping for salt, trash bags, anything. sad i know.
Chloe woke up first and walked into the front room and said, "Mom, Santa brought me a doll house!!"., " I always wanted one!!". Then we went in a woke up Tate, I said, "It's time for presents!!". He perked right up. All he wanted was a dinosaur and I guess Santa wasn't listening right. Santa got him a dragon, sorry Tate they look so similar. Lame Santa.
Anthony got me dragonfly diamond earrings which was really sweet. I love surprises.
I got anthony a snowboarding get up (jacket and pants) and a remote control helicopter.

Then we went to my mom's house, a bit of drama and uncomfortableness but what is a family party without a bit of drama to be served as dessert? We went sledding and that was really fun, there were tons of kids being plowed over at the bottom of the hill. I tried not to laugh but it was a little funny.... and dangerous.

Okay now I am just so focused on being completely lazy for 2 weeks and then shooting a wedding and then going to Mazatlan for 10 days!!! We are taking the kids, we hope it is worth it or they won't be coming next time! I love them so so much but man they are so exhausting sometimes. I miss the days when they would take naps. I was a little more sane then.

Hope you all have a happy New year!


Esther and Brian said...

Angie! Hi...been following your blog for a little while and have I mentioned to you that your twins are simply gorgeous? Turly are. My twins (two boys) just turned 16 months on Xmas Eve and even though they take a nap or two a day, it's still exhausting! I don't think that it ever ends or becomes less hard, it's just different at every stage...maybe? Or maybe when they are in school it will be easier? Not sure! But they are a blessing for sure. Have a great time in Mazatlan and please please post a lot of photos when you can! Warm regards...Esther

Jeana Bird said...

What a fun Christmas (and what is family without a little drama?)! How fun on the earrings and I do hope your kids love the trip. I am glad you get to relax a little. See you in 2010--Happy New Year!